B.L.A.R.E., short for 'Binary Lifting and Recompiler Engine,' is a Rust-based framework designed to be the ultimate Swiss Army knife for compiled binaries. The framework is currently focused on Windows executable files and x86.

The Framework

We've developed a robust framework tailored for transforming compiled binaries with versatility. From deobfuscation and obfuscation to program hardening and automated analysis, our framework covers it all.

Whether you require tools or seek a SaaS model to meet your needs, we can tailor solutions accordingly. Need specific automated analysis? We've got you covered!

Main Features

Novel Code Coverage Techniques

Transform functions safely without disrupting their functionality. Our innovative techniques guarantee their preservation.

Full Support For Exception Handling

Our proper exception handling enables seamless use of try/except blocks, eliminating manual marking in your code.

Custom IR and Compiler

We developed our own IR and compiler entirely from scratch using Rust. This approach enables us to work at a granular level, staying closely aligned with instructions, while ensuring continuous support for SEH across the entire framework.

Discover the impressive impact of B.L.A.R.E.

Below are unmatched coverage numbers, with all binaries running flawlessly. These numbers will only continue to go up as we add more coverage techniques!

Chrome rewritten
ntoskrnl rewritten
Hyper-V rewritten
Firefox rewritten